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Commercial Roofing in St. Louis: Synergy Home Investors at the Helm

In the bustling business landscape of St. Louis, commercial establishments know the significance of a sturdy roof overhead. It’s not merely about aesthetics; it’s about safeguarding assets, ensuring employee comfort, and presenting a professional façade to clients and customers. At the forefront of commercial roofing excellence is a name many trusts: Synergy Home Investors.

Diving Deep into Commercial Roofing Services

The realm of commercial roofing is vast and diversified. Establishments require tailored solutions to meet their unique needs, whether new or historic. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the myriad of services that businesses can benefit from:

  • Industrial Roof Inspections: This is more than just a surface check. It’s a meticulous, in-depth analysis of the roof’s health, utilizing cutting-edge tools and technology to spot potential issues long before they manifest visibly.
  • Roof Repairs and Upgrades: Beyond mending, this entails fortifying the existing roof structure. Whether it’s enhancing water drainage, insulating against extreme temperatures, or integrating new sections, it’s about optimizing for longevity and efficiency.
  • New Commercial Roof Installations: This is where vision meets execution. From understanding the architectural design to selecting materials that sync with St. Louis’s climate and the business’s functional demands, it’s an orchestration of expertise.
  • Maintenance and Monitoring: Beyond the periodic checks, this includes real-time monitoring solutions. Sensors, moisture detection systems, and temperature checks can provide actionable insights to prevent issues before they escalate.
  • Green Roofing Solutions: An evolution in commercial roofing isn’t just about environment-friendly materials. It’s about creating rooftop ecosystems with vegetation, water management systems, and energy conservation integrations.

The Commercial DIY Quandary

While DIY might be the buzzword in some sectors when it comes to commercial roofing, here’s why it’s a path less advised:

  • Scale of Operations: Commercial roofs are expansive, housing various utilities and systems. A misstep could be costly.
  • Warranty Worries: Many commercial roofing materials have specific warranties, often contingent on professional installation and maintenance.
  • Business Disruptions: Unlike professionals with minimal disruptions, DIY endeavors might hamper regular business operations.
  • Specialized Tools and Techniques: Commercial roofing demands specific tools and techniques that are not readily available to the average business owner.

Why Synergy Home Investors is the Commercial Roofing Authority in St. Louis

Why do so many in St. Louis choose Synergy Home Investors when it’s about safeguarding businesses?

  • Local Expertise with a Global Outlook: Rooted in St. Louis, we understand local nuances. Yet, our exposure to global roofing advancements ensures our clients get the best.
  • Qualified Team: Our professionals are more than just roofers; they’re consultants who guide businesses toward optimal roofing solutions.
  • Business-Centric Approach: We appreciate that time is money. Hence, our services are designed to be swift, efficient, and with minimal business interruptions.
  • Transparent Engagements: From costs to timelines, our dealings are transparent. Businesses can plan effectively, knowing there’ll be no unforeseen hitches.

In the dynamic commercial environment of St. Louis, establishments need partners they can rely on. For all things roofing, that partner is Synergy Home Investors. From state-of-the-art roofing solutions to professional advice and efficient service, we’re the commercial roofing maestros St. Louis businesses trust.

So, if your commercial establishment is looking for roofing solutions that stand the test of time and weather, look no further. Synergy Home Investors is here, ready to elevate your roofing game.

Our Services Include Roof Replacements, Roof Repairs, Roof Inspections, Gutters, Gutter Guards & More!


There are many types of shingles used with roofing but of all these material types, the overwhelmingly most popular, versatile, mostly installed, and cost-effective choice is the architectural asphalt shingle.

Architectural asphalt shingles are durable for the price and come in many different textures and colors, however, your roof should be checked after major hail or wind storms and you should always make sure that your roof is properly ventilated.

You receive Owens Corning Limited Lifetime Warranty of Up To 50 Years and a 10 year Workmanship Warranty from us!

Architectural asphalt shingles are designed for roof slopes of at least a 4:12 pitch or greater.

Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters are a continuous piece of guttering cut from one single-coil of aluminum.

Because it is one piece of gutter, which provides added rigidity and strength, seamless gutters are stronger and more reliable than sectional gutters and substantially reduce the chances of leakages. No leaks means no mold, rot, or water damage to your home and property caused by leaky gutters.

The practical advantage of having your home equipped with a seamless gutter system is that it virtually nullifies the cost of maintenance since seamless gutters have a long life expectancy. They have the absolute minimal amount of joints and will never rust.

Gutter Guards


– Clean Out All Gutters & Downspouts

– Repair Any Damaged Gutters or Downspouts

– Realign Any Gutters

– Seal All Gutters And Downspouts

– Install Micro Mesh Gutter Guards

– Lifetime Warranty and a No Clog Guarantee!

Our Micro Mesh Offset Gutter Guard is manufactured with T316 Marine Grade stainless steel and durable aluminum built for corrosion resistance and are lightweight.

The offset vertical slant system is engineered to deliver cohesive water filtration while preventing leaves and other debris from entering the gutters. Our gutter guards even block tiny particles like shingle grit.

New Fascia Board

If you’ve never heard of fascia boards before they sit behind the gutters and help secure the gutters to the house. Even better, they actually hold the gutters where they should be even when you get a heavy storm. Basically, these boards are designed to secure the gutter to the house.

In essence, they’re long boards that fit right at the outer edge of the roof. They fit directly where the roof meets the wall of the house and they actually cover up the end of the roofline to make sure that your gutters are attached and so are the soffits.

Fascia Board Wrap

Fascia Wrap also know as “Fascia Capping” is basically a protective layer of material that shields your fascia board from water damage. Preventing all water from contacting your fascia board will help it last 2 to 3 times longer than unprotected fascia board would.

Fascia boards are prone to water damage and end up becoming soft over time and falling apart. Eventually your gutters could fall off of the home. To protect and prolong the life of your fascia board, there is an option to have it wrapped with aluminum or vinyl material. Ensuring that no water gets to the wood will allow it to last 20 years or more.

Vinyl Soffit

Soffit serves both an aesthetic and functional purpose for a building’s roofing system. It’s the skin that covers your eaves — without it, you would see your rafter beams fully exposed. Cover it up with soffit, in the style and color that you like, and you add some instant and easy character to your building.

Functionally speaking, soffit protects your rafters from the weather elements. If your rafters are exposed in any areas, you’ll likely have mold buildup and rotting beams to replace — which definitely won’t make for a fun (or cheap) repair. Plus, air flow is tremendously important for your home.

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